Enquiry about RAYNET service provision

Please only use this form is you do not already have established local contacts
How to contact RAYNET

If you are interested in using RAYNET services on a specific event or operation, please complete the form below and we will pass the request to your nearest Group.

How RAYNET can help you

RAYNET provides communications, facilitated by our own operators, for event organisers for the purpose of safety and event cover. Our communications are often engineered to work where mobile phone coverage is marginal or unreliable, usually over challenging terrain.

RAYNET does not provide the short-term hire of equipment. Owing to the constraints of our Public Liability insurance, we are restricted to passing messages and therefore are unable to act as marshals, traffic management personnel, or providers of first aid.

RAYNET groups are self-funding and are only able to provide this voluntary service to the community through the donations they may receive from assisting on events.

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