Cathy Clark, G1GQJ

Personal background

Born in 1958 and married Brian G1ECE in 1979.

Professional background

B.Ed from Bingley College (part of Bradford University). Started teaching in Marlow in 1979 at the primary school where I had been a pupil. Moved to an infant school in Aylesbury in 1985 and then on to its neighbouring Junior school in 1989. I've been there ever since. Currently ICT and Assessment Co-ordinator as well as a class teacher.

What brought you into the Hobby

Grandfather was interested in radio and built his own cat's whisker set. Used to listen to the amateur band with my mother on an old Ekco radiogram. Met Ray G8GQJ (now my brother-in-law) through the church youth club and got into serious listening on the amateur bands. Decided to take the RAE in 1982, and was first licensed in 1983.

What attracted you to join RAYNET

Was secretary of the Aylesbury Vale Radio Society for six years and one night we had a quiz night against the Milton Keynes Club. Met Russ G4NUG who persuaded me to join RAYNET and become the local group's secretary. What he didn't tell me was he also intended to make me the secretary of the county group as well...!

RAYNET experience

A member of Aylesbury RAYNET since 1980 and became its Group Controller in 1985.

Was elected to the post of ZC6 in 1993 when the Network was formed.

Because of my education background, I became involved in the Training Team and co-authored the scheme. I organised and lectured on the RAYNET training courses at the Emergency Planning College at Easingwold.

CoM Minutes Secretary from Jan 1995 - Dec 2003.

In 1996, I became Team Leader for the Emergency Planning Team and the following year was elected as Vice Chairman of the Network.

Became Network Chairman in 2004, very active with my local group and occasionally help out with training days in various groups. Still remain as Emergency Planning Team Leader.

The strengths and qualities that you bring to the role

As a long-standing member of the Committee of Management, I've got to know a lot of members. I particularly enjoy meeting them at rallies and other functions.

Teaching has taught me to be good at time management and it's certainly useful...!

I would like to think I am approachable and easy-going.